What Liluria helps you with                                             My helpers, guides from the Light and humans of our team, help finding solutions for many questions or situations related to problems created on the emotional level, as well as with problems with hypnotical programming, fracturing of personality due to extreme violence and manipulation with all kind of negative energies, (those created by humans) or extraterrestrial negative energies.                                                                         We are helping to rebalance and to get back into one's original power, helping to gain personal stability and self-esteem and re-connection with our original energies (with Source Energy or Divine Energies) as you may wish to call it.                                                                                           We give advice to better rendition, communication and comprehension between family members, life and business partners. If a business is about to collapse or simply does not work well, I am of great help because many times the source of it is, that envious people with bad intentions put negative energies onto that business and the people involved in it. 

This blocking by intentional negative energies can as well occur in all sorts of situations, health issues, partnerships and families.                                                                                        I can seek answers to questions related to personal dream work or extrasensorial experiences, covering a great range of psychic topics but I am not clearvoyant, I sense mainly, and my spiritual guides answer all the questions.
I give insights as how to better overall well being inviting to the comprehension of the energetical world surrounding us and the reasons why things can happen, sometimes there are karmic issues implicated.                                My work can better sportive capacity and learning capacity and overall life force.
I give advice to help overcome different addictions or compulsive thoughts and actions.