Negative Energy Signs and more information worth sharing

Many of you will ask yourselves, - ‘but what is negative energy and how can I notice that energy or know for certain that it is negative energy?’ 

I am referring here to negative energy , generated by somebody who deliberately focuses his or her thoughts with the fervent very bad intention  on persons to do harm, mainly using rituals. 

The signs of an impact of negative energies are manifold:

Nowadays the majority of people do not pay much attention about how they feel, they normally do not analyse their emotions; and due to an ongoing stressful life, people do not remember their body feelings when they are without stress, or when they were happy and healthy. Neither are they conscious about their thoughts and it’s hard for them to remember the peaceful and joyful moments. This is especially true, if they have been victims of manipulation by dark energies.  Curses for example can be going on for centuries and are transmitted on hereditarily. This is blocking the life stream, life force, altering the nervous system and other body systems, their relationships, business, etc. making the person ill.

(In most cases, strong black magic (means negative energy) cannot be taken away or neutralized with candle rituals or prayers; - it can only be pushed away temporarily, but then it comes back in a short while.)

People have accustomed themselves with the habit of focusing on stress, struggle and non- completion of themselves, feeling very miserable and not even acknowledging it, or taking notice of themselves. That is a very deplorable state.

The ongoing deplorable situation could be due to the impact of negative energies, which goes unnoticed to many persons. Dark energy could be the reason when a sudden change of mood appears, (like from being well-balanced, happy and content) you immediately turn towards aggressive and/or sad feelings, or when doubts arise, irritability comes in, and usually a lot of negative thinking. Accidents of any kind could happen; sudden pains occur with no medical reason...                                                             

As a rule, we can be safe to say that all weak aspects of our lives or bodies, mental states or emotions will be manipulated. Black magicians poke into these mental states and disturb our emotions causing a complete disaster with many negative energies.  Pains will be enhanced, getting stronger; attitudes of self-harm can happen, as compulsive actions of all sorts may occur.  Doubts multiply, self-doubts arise, debilitating thoughts, self-esteem usually drops to a minimum, etc.

From my own experience I can tell you that it took me a while to discern my personal signs, but they are very common in other people too.

By the way, animals are being attacked by these same magicians too, I could tell you by my own experience:

Negative thoughts of these misled people, often with the help of rituals, are aimed in order to do harm to people, animals, situations, buildings and landscapes. 

Everything, all kinds of material, every situation, every thought can be focused on by those people. 

By neutralizing those who do this work I am basically helping them, because I avoid that they produce even more karmical debts for themselves.   

A brief glimpse of my history and introducing Atalar

             In summer 2013 I get to know a fine drummer and excellent singer, who, besides of being a gifted musician has got the ability to clear, neutralise the effects of dark energy, negative energy on persons and situations. His name is Atalar.  I went to see him for a private session to ask him, whether with all that bad luck I was experimenting lately he was able to give me some advice or help.  
He said that I was carrying with me a huge load of dark energy and he cleared that away but it is most likely that there will be more dark energies coming. Many questions were arising in my of them was:
"How is it possible that people still exist today and practise these dark "Arts"? "
The fact that people exist with such bad ideas and negativity, (so they can wish with all their force and intention doing harm and bad things onto others, including their "loved ones", their family members, they actively practise dark rituals), is difficult to accept and to believe, Atalar gave me to understand.  I know it is true, today, but in that moment my face was showing a complete and utter disbelief. Atalar gave me insight into some karmic issues, means the karmik re-pay that I was living at that moment and therefore it was not a pleasant situation at all. He wished me much courage with this, because he could not help cleansing karmic issues, he explained there is nothing else there, but getting through.
So, I told him that I had a strong conviction about dark magicians and witches, all being killed in the Middle Ages.  He then replied, - “The knowledge of dark witches and wizards were never completely destroyed, and that people with bad intentions were widely spread over the whole planet.   Although we have advanced in modern science and technologies, and we live in a “civilization”, where most people are not civilized people... Massive anger, hatred, greed and envy are the most common emotions you can find in this world, sadly enough. Atalar said that he would love seeing the world in a better place with people waking up to the spiritual side of life, which is as real as the “visible and touchable materialistic world.
If it would be taught what the Laws of karma were, and if humanity would really understand about karma then, and only then could people react in a different way. We could then awake to real spirituality and live together in harmony.
But at this moment people let themselves go with desire for vengeance, and power drives them to practise rituals, and they actively conjure, curse people, places, things and situations.”-
 Atalar’ s advice for me was to keep in contact and to let him know as soon as possible if I felt weird sensations, or something was happening which was not “normal”.
On one occasion I remember I was  “just banging” my elbow at a well-known corner at my home ("this is an unconscious person", someone could say), and afterwards being in the kitchen and wanting to cut onions, the knife fell down and nearly hit me on my foot, and nearly hit my dog, some minutes later I stabbed myself into my own hand (how clumsy I am, I could say, unconscious of the dark side), and then, I saw a grinning face of a lady appearing in front of me… that was enough and I remembered Atalar telling me: “ring me up if anything weird happens”-.
So, I did.  He confirmed that the face I had been seeing was the lady who was attacking me psychically at that moment.  She seemed to be a very powerful witch, but he was neutralizing her that precise moment.  He also explained me, that a curse, as in this case, stays on the person, situation, land, material for centuries, until it gets effectively removed.
I was recalling situations of the days before, and I told Atalar about my difficulties in concentrating, and the exact time when this sudden lack of concentration came in.  He confirmed that it was a fresh negative energies on me of a new group, allies of the first group, who he had already neutralized.  So, he focused on that issue and cleared all the group, and said:   "You are under some freshly sent negative energies as we speak, they have already found new ill-wishers willing to keep up these curses. They are strong and have a huge group of covern members behind them."   
Having called Atalar again, the next day, he started saying: - I feel that you are under negative energies again. Just wait a little bit until I get you completely cleared, before we go on talking.  After my clearing is done, we will understand each other much better and you will be more concentrated."-After the clearing was done he carried on explaining me, that - "the dark side" is working all the time trying to bury me in every aspect of my life:  economically, mentally, emotionally and physically. They are very good in breaking up relationships within the family, between partners and friends..., and those were a new group they found willing to keep up with new negative energy sending."-

 When will these "negative sendings" finish, Atalar? And his reply was: -When there are no more people wishing to engage in doing so - it depends on their Free Will.-

But I am going back again to the point explaining you about how I developed my attitudes as a Warrior for the Light:
During the clearing work that Atalar was doing on me, different physical pains disappeared, my low blood pressure, which I had during all my life went up to normal measures, and my physical strength too, my self-esteem was coming up by the day, consolidating in a way I never felt before, my fear of sleeping alone at night and my nightmares stopped,  so I could sleep throughout the night again pleasantly without waking up. My depression faded, because I was practising the focus on positive things and giving thanks to positive things happening in my life, which I just took for granted.   With this I do not want to say that I deny the negative or sad things happening in life, but now they do not affect me as much as they did before, they literally dragged me down.  

A brief look to Atalar’s path coming to work as a warrior for the Light:
During another meeting with Atalar I learned about the circumstances of his life which led him to experience another viewpoint about life, and he finally ended in waking up to the spiritual consciousness of the Light, to do what he felt he was here for; to fulfil his duty in this lifetime. This path started in his early sixties, some 10 years ago from today (2019).
He learned the basics of spiritual life; healing techniques and how to communicate with his spiritual guides, how to do rescue work and the importance that work has for the individual path of each person's soul, who had left its human vehicle.
He learnt and practised these things during two years, being fascinated by all the logic which lies in the real spiritual approach, working together with his own guides, when he found himself fighting with the dark side.
Many people came to see him with hope he could relieve their problems or find an answer to their very special circumstances they had been experiencing.   Then Atalar realised that he was not only channelling the knowledge from his Light guides, but also realising that these people asking him for help were suffering from dark energies, not only this but that he saw himself neutralising the effects of these dark energies. 
His teachers sent him on his own path, because they couldn’t cope with dark energies.  They didn’t want to know anything about curses, spells and other dark stuff.

                                    So, Atalar went on clearing landscapes, rivers, houses, animals and of course humans, mainly with relationship, business and health issues.                                                                                                                          
He learned that rituals done with voodoo dolls were causing the heaviest pains.   Even doctors would regard them as incurable, because no painkiller would help.
With the time he discovered an immensely wide field of dark practices, which he was able to counteract, and then named it “neutralize the effects". 
As I heard his story, there was only one single questions in my mind:  "Can you teach me your art of neutralizing negative energies from people and from myself?"
He explained, that while doing his work, he found people, who wanted him to teach them. So, they set up two groups for spiritual development where Atalar taught, on a monthly basis, about the spiritual side of life. If I wished I could participate.                                                                                                   He uses his pendulum to serve him as a tool to get the answers of yes, no or perhaps. The thing is,- he said, -your spiritual Guides communicate with you always, the difficult part lies on your side in getting what they are showing or telling you. There is much misguided and wrong information on the internet about the correct use of the pendulum.
Atalar reminded me, when we finished our phone call to send me an email each day or several times a day, when I felt a new clearing necessary, but at least one email daily. He said, - "In case that the new contacts of these warlocks or others would come back to attack you, (and this usually happens if they are a strong group, as in my case, during 99% of the cases), you need to be cleaned again and again; people are simply victims of dark energies, and the worst is, they are not even aware of this fact."-
The most important thing I have learned from Atalar was, to identify the effects that dark energy thrown on me had, the immense value it had for me to be kept clear and protect myself psychically. I should not dwell on negative thoughts which can arise, and see them for what they are, in most cases, they will be negativity sent by the dark side. So, I should give him a call, that he can clear me of these new attacks and I should put my focus on something positive and beautiful. I should trust myself and my perceptions and learn how it feels to be free of dark energies!! 
   During the following months I could consolidate my own personal clinic and do a lot of good work for needed people.
How big was the change of my life having found Atalar to explain me all this side of the unseen world and having him to keep my back clear!
The following day of our first meeting I got six new clients, who I attended with great calmness and strength. This calmness and self-esteem were unknown to me!
All my doubts, feelings of displacement and also being insufficient had been vanished instantly; For more than 30 years I had been carrying these negative emotions with me, especially when I was attending new patients.

Two weeks later I came to a venue that was organised for Atalar, where I was asked to help his translator because of her suffering from stage fright, and there was a very large group of people attending his talk. 
I was very excited about what I learned in a venue that I attended in the function of translator for Atalar. Atalar cleaned spells, curses, voodoo and more. Voodoo turns people into pain and there is no medicament which is able to ease that pain.  These patients can stay under the effects of voodoo for years and suffer but in society they are named “imaginary ill” or contemporarily “vegetatively dystonic”, and other denominations.    I was witness to a lady he cleansed not less than six thousand demons. I had the opportunity to learn a lot more about how Atalar was working.  I could actually witness a liberation of a person, who could stand up from her wheelchair and walk again with strength after him intervening.   Finishing his talk, I completely felt filled up with positive energy beaming with joy and well-being, a sensation that I could carry on for the following two weeks.

Finally, Atalar offered me to work with him as a translator, which I accepted with one condition: to learn from him how to neutralize demons and other negative energies.     He agreed and said that it will not be an easy path but that I have got the strength to become a good warrior.                                                                                                                               In the end I did not only translate for Atalar, but also became his life partner and after three and a half years of a marvellous  and intensively  shared life with an incredible state of pure and detached love, he taught me all he knew of  his " Art of Neutralizing  dark energies"  up to where he could reach with his immense Light-Power…and helped me coming more into my power.
With the tools I have learnt and practised and in collaborating with other spiritual Lightworkers I am very happy working and reaching my hands out to so many persons who are in deep distress, a distress nobody speaks about and what is silenced and yet secretively known.
Atalar passed away in the summer 2017.
Some three months before his death he said to me that he is urgently needed to work on the astral plane but he wanted his work on earth to be concluded. He worked day and night until two weeks before the death of his physical vehicle. by then he had lost the capacity of speech.  Working together with "him" was taken to a new level and yet with the same intensity, or even more intense.
I have got immense armies of Light beings fighting with me. 

To all these marvellous Light Beings, I render gratitude and reverence for their inestimable help, first of all to Atalar. He is my first Light Guide, and together with all the others I would not be able to do what I do today.
My specialization is helping those persons suffering from SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse):
In September of 2017 I realized that the groups who had been manipulating me, practised Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). I specialized in neutralizing these groups and in freeing myself from the immense number of dark elements, constructs, implants, programs, triggers, and a huge list of more elements.   I have been consciously connecting with all my different created personalities, freeing them from the dark forces and re-joining them with me again.   I find out the massive hiding procedures those dark circles use to camouflage their magic and I am able to destroy them. When I say “I” it is not correct, it is my guides who do the great job.
I want to mention the inestimable help from my great friend who I like to call the "analysing head and lovingly feeling heart" and highly sensitive.  She doesn’t like to be named until we will work together with more specialists.

                           Now I am in the place I was asked to be in by Source                                                         I have a lot of negative karma accumulated through all my many past lives, and I am clearing it on a daily basis. According to what I can see know, there is few negative karma left to be cleared by myself and I am living it through with all my confidence in the help of the Light.                                  There is a rule in the Law of Karma that has its practicable positive side:    
 "Working for the Light you gain, “positive Brownie-points”, as Atalar called them.
He referred to the fact that while you are working for the best outcome for everybody involved , having the "bigger picture, the spiritual picture" in mind, you produce good actions and positive karma in you. And that helps you balance and neutralize the negative karma. It is not only about suffering your negative karma.  You can choose actively to do positive actions, positive karma.  By communicating and working with your Light Guides, you can obtain a very quick progress in the balance of your personal karma. 
You can ask me how to work for the Light and I will share this with you.                                              In reality everybody has the power within to do it, as we are all spiritual beings in different positions on our path. 

When do you start?