Disclaimer                                                                                                        According to the Federal Constitutional Court lBvR784/03 (Austrian legislation):

A spiritual healer who promises no cure and does not make a diagnosis does not require a certificate as a naturopath.

 I, Liluria, do only take responsibility for the life and well-being of the person during the duration of our agreement of clearing and assistance with the attempt to help better his/her situation and wellbeing and only regarding my , and neither during our arrangement of cleansing, nor at any time after the completion of this cleansing and assistance, that I, Liluria, will give to the client, and hereby expressly return this responsibility over to him/ her for his /her own life.
I, Liluria, explain herein that I have all the data (email addresses, postal addresses, birth dates and all that I have said by phone, What's App, Skype -call or video call), which you, my client,  (including the person who will not want to work with me but has phoned me to find out whether I will suit him or her) received and kept in the knowledge of strict confidentiality and therefore will not divulge it to anyone.

Liluria *Lifecoach in Spiritual Issues working for the Light*                    email: Liluria@gmx.com * Phone: +34 656 260 258 (as well for What’s App)