About Liluria

Hi there, my name is Liluria and I live in the south of Europe.                                                          In more than 30 years of experience in clinic treating mainly the so called incurable deseases, persons, practising bioresonance treatment, sacro-craneal, emotional liberation techniques, Bach Flowers , I am assisting many persons with an array of different illnesses or syndromes. They benefit hugely when we clear emotional blockages , mainly those that have been created by the impactations of all sorts of exterior ill making energies.

Wonderful results are getting visible in all areas of being, to mention just a few there are  spiritual avareness, self-impowering, self-respecting and self-loving ...  in the last 7 years I was learning from my dear and beloved teacher Atalar to destroy negative energies and to tap into the Akashic Records, besides doing Rescue Work and developing other skills to help in the most nastiest and bizarre, yet very real situations of heaviest psychic manipulation with negative energies linked with programming and hypnosis (SRA & IDI), that I find out, can reduce, neutralize, destroy now in a relatively quick way. 

I am attending and working with many persons around the globe, learning something new every day and getting my Light Power increased nearly on a daily basis. Thanks to All of You!