Help from the Light is always there when your intentions are pure and clearly expressed. I know that sometimes things happen where the original Light of an incarnated Being is being dimmed down to nearly non-existence. I am here, as "one of the Team" to help you come forth with your Light Strength. 

Contact me by phone and What's App call  +34 656260258  or write me to      Wishing you well with all my Love and Light Power 



Liluria is one of my names in spirit... I have been granted access and collaboration with incredible Light Power to help neutralize blockages in persons, houses, landscapes and situations, which have been created by different types of negative energies; 

as well those manipulations of persons created by hypnosis and other forms of programming.          I help harmonizing the spiritual being that we all humans are, with all its components, thanks to my unique habilities which I have practiced and experienced since more than six years.  

Don't call me if you are searching for information on how to do harm to others ... there are too many of those sites out there. I am here to take away those harmful energies.  

I offer coaching on many spiritual topics, call me and ask me personally for more information    +34    656 260 258.  

What's App available 

Collaborating with you requires the understanding of the dynamics of this special work I am doing which I will explain on the phone.


Teaching is available too. Join our group.

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