Help from the Light is always there!

We know that sometimes things happen where the original Light of an incarnated Being is being dimmed down to nearly non-existence. We are here, as "one Team" to help you come forth with your Light Power. 
Liluria neutralizes many diferent negative energies, wether of alien or human origin,  which were put on and into persons, many of those have been programmed and have been victims of rituals. Carola,Miriam and Heike help to re-integrate the Identity-pieces back to the Core-Personality working each of us in our speciality.  


Phone and Telegram call  at +34 656260258 

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 We feel that you have arrived to the website for you!  Welcome!                    

Liluria is my name in spirit... I have been granted access and collaboration with incredible Light Power to help neutralize blockages in persons, houses, landscapes and situations, which have been created by different types of negative energies; as well those manipulations of persons created by hypnosis and other forms of programming.                                            We as a team formed by Carola, Heike, Miriam and Liluria help harmonizing the spiritual being that we all humans are, with all its components, thanks to our unique habilities which we have practiced and experienced throughout some years already.    We all do energetical healing " hands on" and three of us work in distance too (comprising a host of different techiques as trained energetical healers in our own right.)

 Liluria can  send on a magnetic healing as well as all the other techniques that she knows as a trained naturepath, to the person who requires for it. Carola,  is a gifted seer and healer using different energetical healing methods , Heike a gifted healer with Prana Healing and Miriam a very sensitive coach with long term experience in one to one coaching and dance therapy. 

Don't call us if you are searching for information on how to do harm to others ... there are too many of those sites out there.  Liluria is here to take away those harmful energies and all our team helps to rebalance yourself and your loved ones.

While collaborating with you it is most helpful that you understand the dynamics of this special work Liluria is doing. We will explain this dinamic in the first phonecall or email.
We accept an energy exchange via   transfer, the data we will send to you by email. 
Thank you 

(The spanish and german subsites have the original dolphins, we do not yet know how to get them back on the english one this is a "homemade" website, made with no knowledge of computers and websites)

 We offer coaching on many spiritual topics, call me and ask us personally for more information.                        We are only giving our personal opinion in different spiritual issues and love to be cross-checked because speaking the truth is our only aim. We wish that everybody finds out as how to find truth within themselves, ask us, and we ask our spiritual Guides for the best ways for you how to get there... and then you go there and check it out for yourself wether it works for you.